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OSU Lion - The Mascot of Our Special Universe AB
OSU Lion - The Mascot of Our Special Universe AB

Welcome to Our Special Universe

In OSU we love branding. The process and the end results of it. We focus on building loyalty through coherent brand creation. External and internal. Visual and contextual.

We are not designers. We are marketers, brand connoisseurs, and visionaries with strong academic and professional background in strategic business development, marketing management and entrepreneurship.

We are here to help your business idea, your startup, and your favorite venture grow, enhance, and flourish - From, To and Beyond.

Case company

EPHASA is a Moroccan company working in the construction industry with a focus on the
following activities:

  • Drainage drilling works

  • Civil engineering

  • Well digging works

  • Installation of drip irrigation systems and development of agricultural farms.

EPHASA is one of the leading companies in process innovation and sustainability-focused
integration with its core business strategies. Saving time and resources are few of its
competitive advantages, relative to its competition.


Brand Therapy

What's in the core?

Let's find it out during our carefully developed in-depth assessment and analysis.


Stay Focused

What to do? Why & How?

Time to formulate an action plan with your values, resources, and goals aligned.


Make It Work

Excited to see the first results?

We are, as well. Thus, suggest you join us on the branding journey now.

From, To & Beyond Approach

Visual branding is awesome. We love it also - all the logos, colors, typography, brand books and what not. Yet, our main principle is branding from within.

Meaning that you and your team are the most viable sources of your brand. Without your vision, objectives, and core values - brand creation and development are impossible.

Let's talk

Whether you have a request, a query, or want to work with us, use the form below to get in touch with our team.

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